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I can’t believe we are almost mid January and I still have to post my 2017 wrap up. Let’s be honest, the year just flew by, right? It seems like yesterday that I was waggling around like a penguin, complaining about the extra weight and counting down to the moment I got to hold my little girl. And look at us now. That little baby has grown into a big girl who starts to crawl and explores our house like a tiny Indiana Jones. And my lovely, big boy has started his second year in kindergarten! One blink of an eye and the year has passed!

Time to look back at my challenges for the past year and of course a tiny peek into the future with my 2018 challenges!

What did I read in 2017?

As always I set myself a reading goal on goodreads. This year I kept it as low as possible, thinking with a new baby on the way I wouldn’t find any time to read. I know… I should have know better. Because I thought the exact same thing the year I gave birth to Jules and it was one of my best reading years ever. So a small goal of 12 books. One book a month, nothing fancy. And for quite some time it actually looked like even that was a little farfetched. Because the first 4 months of the years I was really in a reading slump. (My pregnancy brain doesn’t do well with books it turns out.) But then my reading really kicked of and I finished the year with 57 books read!

I read a grand total of 23.204 pages. A little disappointing I must say, considering I read over 30.000 pages in 2016 and 29.000 in 2015. So yes, quite a set back….

But I have to say that overall I am quite pleased with myself. I read more books then I anticipated and I absolutely loved most of them! Goodreads tells me that gave an average rating of 3,7. And when I look at my rating I see I don’t give a single 1 star review!

As always you can find all my written books linked with their reviews on my year page for 2017!

What about my challenges in 2017?

In 2017 I only joined the verbeelding leeschallenge, hosted by the wonderful Flemish blogger Kathleen from verbeelding! I told you, I kept my expectations really low. But I am ashamed to say that I didn’t meet the goal I set myself. The verbeelding reading challenge of 2017 contained 30 challenges and I failed to complete 6 of them. So I scored 24/30. If reading was an exam, I would still pass my exam. But I am not proud of it! If you want to see what the challenges were, I kindly direct you to the page dedicated to the verbeelding challenge.

What is up for 2018?

I am ready to kick of a wonderful reading year. I set my Goodreads goal on 52 books. 1 book a week seemed like a good target this year!

Apart from that I have made myself a TBR Jar! The jar contains 12 bookish challenge that I can fill in according to my reading taste of that month. I will pick a challenge from the Jar in every wrap up video!

Apart from that I am participating in 3 different reading challenges! Of course as always the verbeelding reading challenge. Kathleen has once again outdone herself and I am pretty sure I will be reading outside of my comfort zone because of her! You can find the 30 challenges on the page I dedicated for the 2018 version!

As followers of my blog may know I am a member of the Hebban Readers, so of course I am joining the Hebban reading challenge 2018. 50 different reading challenges which I am quite sure of I won’t all complete. But I just can’t withstand the temptation of entering. You can find all the info about the Hebban reading challenge here and if you want to follow my updates then check out this page!

And last but not least I am joining the Beat the Backlist 2018 challenge hosted by Novel Knight!  A wonderful challenge were the main focus is all about reading books that are on your blacklist. So no 2018 publications! Finally an opportunity for me to work trough that huge pile of TBR books that I accumulated over the past few years! And it also speaks to the competitioner in me! I absolutely love the concept that you are part of a team and earning points with reading books! Earning points doing what I love! You got to love that! I am planning on reading 30 Backlist books over the year!

I will post quarterly update on all of the challenges I am participating in!

So tell me what are your reading goals for 2018? And are you participating in any challenges?

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