Tell me no secrets – Lynda Stacey

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tell me no secrets

Titel: Tell me no secrets
Auteur: Lynda Stacey
Pagina’s: 282
Uitgave: E-book
Genre: adultcontemporary
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Can a secret be worse than a lie?
Every time Kate Duggan looks in a mirror she is confronted by her guilt; a long, red scar reminding her that she was ‘the one to walk away’ from the car accident. Not everyone was so lucky …
On the surface her fiancé Rob is supportive – but the reality is different. He’s controlling, manipulative and, if the phone call Kate overhears is anything to go by, he has a secret. But just how dangerous is that secret?
When Kate begins work at a firm of private investigators, she meets Ben Parker. His strong and silent persona is intriguing but it’s also a cover – because something devastating happened to Ben, something he can’t get over.
As Kate and Ben begin their first assignment, they become close. But, what they don’t realise is how close to home the investigation will bring them, or who will be hurt in the process.


Since the month of December I am proud member of the Choc Lit boekenfans group. With our little team we have the honor to read and review books by Choc Lit. Tell Me No Lies was my first book as a team-member and I wasn’t completely sure what to expect reading the synopsis. Was I diving into a thriller? A contemporary? And now even after reading I am not quite sure were to place Tell Me No Secrets.

I described it to a friend as contemporary with a little thriller twist. Because for me that is what it is. Calling it a thriller would be kind of unfair, because all-though you have a “mystery” and some “suspense” it never really felt like reading a thriller. There are to many “non-thriller” side lines about family, friendship, love and self acceptance that play an important part in the plot. Lucky for me, considering I am absolutely no big fan of real suspense novels, so this was perfect for me!

I really enjoyed reading Tell Me No Secrets and that was mainly because I liked all of the important characters in the story. I absolutely adored Kate, she is a very strong and independent woman, who knows how the world turns and deserves some happiness. I liked her sassiness and her sense of humor. You really saw her grow as a character throughout the story and I really felt for her. But I also loved her sister Eve! Another strong woman with a story to tell. I wasn’t expecting a disabled character in this story, but the way her disability was shown and used in the story, was very realistic and filled to the brim with humor. Absolutely lovely!

I also got the feeling that Linda Stacey did some research on the whole “private investigator” story-line. Because it never felt exaggerated. The little details about the van, the working of the panic button,… It felt real and that made the story so much more engaging and realistic.

The only point that bothered me in this story was the “big climax”. That felt exaggerated for me, a little bit overdone. That part of the story could have done with less drama and still have been quite compelling. Now it felt a little forced and to me it looked like Lynda Stacey wasn’t in her element while writing it. While the rest of the story really flows, this felt forced. It was harder to read and it couldn’t keep my attention. A real shame, because I absolutely loved the rest of the story!

Overal Tell Me No Secrets was a wonderful read. Filled to the brim with drama, secrets, suspense and a good portion of romance! I would recommend this story to all contemporary readers who want that little extra panache to the story. And of course for thriller readers who want to explore the contemporary genre! 

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