1. A book with an animal in the title
  2. A book with a place name in the title
  3. A book with a topographical cover
  4. A book by an author who died in the past decenia
  5. A book that has been on your books I own shelf for more then 1 year
  6. A book that features on the Rory Gilmore reading list
  7. A book with less then 100 reviews on goodreads – Tell Me No Secrets by Linda Stacey
  8. A book that begins with “Once upon a time…”
  9. A book all about death
  10. A book written by an author with the same initial as you(SG)
  11. A translated book written in a language you can’t read. (Of course you read the translation 🙂 )
  12. A book by an author who has written more then 10 books
  13. A book with a minimum of 10 reprints
  14. A book with an x in the title
  15. A book with an alliteration in the title
  16. A book written by the son or daughter from another author
  17. A book with a mythical creature in it
  18. A book set on an island
  19. A book that features time travel
  20. A book set in space
  21. A book with children as the main characters, but it may not be a childern’s book
  22. A book that features the sea
  23. A book with a single parents as a main character
  24. A book set in China
  25. A second hand book
  26. A book with flowers on the cover
  27. A book that features a prison
  28. A book with a portrait on the cover
  29. A book you read completely outside (on the train, in the garden….)
  30. A book that combines 3 of the previous challenges